The funny thing about curiosity

  Curiosity, n. An objectionable quality of the female mind. The desire to know whether or not a woman is cursed with curiosity is one of the most active and insatiable passions of the masculine soul.  Ambrose Bierce In all things big and small, one thing that would keep me going: curiosity. When curiosity is at […]

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Friendship Things

3 Things You should Never Say or Do to “Just a Friend”

    If you’re a guy and wanted to build friendship with girls, do not say things that will complicate your relationship with them. Saying things beyond what you can do or give is like Japan throwing bombs on Pearl Harbor. Okay, I’m exaggerating. I’m saying that being careful with the words you say to […]

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Life Penpost

Write Me a Piece of Your Unwritten Story

Define memory. A past. An unwritten feelings and emotions cut through the heart and mind. Memory is a memorabilia of images and pictures of the past. Old letters, stationary of colors, hues and they are the sepia of the mind. They are memory of the mind. Others keep them and some people simply throw them away. The one who keep it treasure them but the one who throw it away is another story. Pages of smiling faces, black and white, neon colors create words to make a story.

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Things to Remember to Ponder about Suffering

You are not alone. Being alone doesn’t mean that you are alone. If you feel like you want to be alone because you just want to be left alone, I think there’s nothing wrong with that. When you suffer with something, you may find comfort with what’s around you or it’s up to you if […]

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5 Things

5 Things Awesome about God

  Everyone of us has something to look forward when we wake up in the morning. May it be making coffee, having a sip of green tea, going to Starbucks or an early run to Tim Hortons or anywhere near 2nd Cup. Wherever we are,  we are thinking of the same mission: how to give […]

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Where Have All the Persuasive Men Gone?

To a man who’s thinking that Valentine’s day isn’t for him because no woman would like to hang out with him, think again. Every single woman would like to make a man smile. Just do your move. Make that first move. A girl like it so much if a man approach her or asks her out. Any kind of man. It made her heart flutter like a butterfly and floating in the clouds. Whether a man is yellow, purple , black, white, brown and any other colors in the crayola world, it doesn’t matter.

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The Desire to Be Pure

  I have known that I worship an amazing God who can move mountains and can command the seas, the thunder and the lightning to shake the entire earth. I know that He can reach his voice to the stars in the galaxy, call them by names and they’ll obey. I know that He can […]

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25 Annoying and Disgusting Habits That People Usually Do in Public

Spitting anywhere, especially inside the bus and the train. Throwing their trash everywhere. Picking their nose in front of many people. Smoking in a non-smoking area. Public display of affection, especially inside the bus, the train, in the street, in the mall and in front of the children. Fighting inside the bus, in the train […]

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6 Types of Women a Guy Should Never Ask to Marry

  Guys, are your ready to pop the question? Did you plan everything including the gold platinum engagement ring? Beware, before asking the line, make sure you are sure that she is the one. 1. The Complicated Type Some girls are complicated, other girls are more than complicated but not all the girls are complicated. […]

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Marriage Relationship

How to get your boyfriend to propose

Most women, aged 30 and up would like to have a stable relationship than to have a casual fling from time to time.  In terms of stability, casual fling and cold engagement, 80% of women preferred to be stable in marriage than being stable in a relationship without marriage. If you have a long time […]

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