Shed Me Some Tears

Sounds not encouraging? Well, it depends. Especially when that nagging feeling inside you is ready to burst into flames. And instead of raging into an unstoppable battle of words toward somebody, crying might ease a little bit or even more.

If you shed one tear, another salty droplet of moisture will appear again and again. Again and again. Until those tears will escape from the pain and from the hurt. It may be hard to admit that we are not made strong all the time. We may not cry for a bit butterfly that falls from the flower and dies or cry when nobody remembers our special day. But there are episodes in our life that we need to wash our eyes with tears to see clearly. Our emotion needs to be wiped out by such moisture to see the view and bring that cheerful and joyful attitude again. Health-wise, crying helps release stress. It can help wash chemicals linked to anxiety and help release tension and express emotions.

For crying out sake, cry if you must. It doesn’t make you less like a woman or a man. Jesus Christ called, wept even. How much more us?

So what’s all this fuzz about convincing you to cry? Maybe because I hardly cry myself, and just a few moments back—pressures in life just hit my “tear reservoir.” Okay, drama? Yeah, you can call it like that. Even a happy go lucky and doesn’t care too much about what people say does have tears. When was the last time I cried? I can’t even remember. It was as if the world had turned into an ocean. I couldn’t stop myself from crying or weeping. How did it happen? I didn’t know. It just did. I was glad I did. It was like a prayer saying, “God..where are you?”.  One teardrop. Then, more. Until I couldn’t stop.

Growing up, I always thought that crying made me weak. So before one teardrop swelled in my eyes, I had to bite my lips and hold back the tears. I did it so many times until I was good at it. How come just a while ago, I flooded the room with tears and white napkins? Call it, I don’t know. Or maybe hurt? Perhaps? Maybe because the friends and family that I thought would stick to me and I back-me-up with what makes me happy have the power to spoil me. So there’s more to hurt than shed-me-some tears?

So what do you do? Cry. Yes, cry. At least, it helps. And, when you’re ready to face your friends and family again–telling the truth is one step closer to feeling better and alive again.

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