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When he’s just not that into you?

Believe it, he’s not that really into you. If he does, he will make ways to do everything just to be with you. Maybe, you should rethink this area of your life. Don’t try to make an excuse for someone. When the road is made of thorns and bushes and rocks with lava and magma, […]

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Is your secret safe with your spouse?

The answer to this question lies in two particular things : 1. How do you know your partner and; 2. What kind of secret is it? Marriage is like a tumble and a rumble in a washing machine. You fight, you argue, you get frustrated, you complain, and you work it out. The secrets between […]

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6 Types of Women a Guy Should Never Ask to Marry

  Guys, are your ready to pop the question? Did you plan everything including the gold platinum engagement ring? Beware, before asking the line, make sure you are sure that she is the one. 1. The Complicated Type Some girls are complicated, other girls are more than complicated but not all the girls are complicated. […]

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What is relationship?

Relationship is like a traffic sign. There are three main colors: red, yellow and green. Red is a sign for you to stop. Yellow- to be ready to go. And, green for ready get set go. What am I talking about? Whoever invented traffic signs, kudos to him or her. People needs traffic signs in order to avoid […]

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