Is your secret safe with your spouse?

The answer to this question lies on two particular things :

1. How do you know your partner and;

2. What kind of secret is it?

Marriage is like a tumble and a rumble in a washing machine. You fight, you argue, you get frustrated, you complain and you work it out. The secrets between marriage however works in different situation.

Question though, what kind of secret is it? If you have an affair and that’s totally your secret for a long time, of course, that is not safe with your spouse. It will destroy your marriage or depends on how your partner react to it. Cheating is actually not a secret but a betrayal you’ve been doing to destroy your marriage. If this is the kind of secret you have been hiding all along in your marriage, this is not a secret but a bomb that could explode and break your marriage. It’s up to you if you want to tell or not. But hey, if you’re not being honest with your partner, I doubt your marriage will work. Besides, the universe has its own way to get the message to your spouse. Call it karma maybe? Or just the way it is, your partner will find out !

How about another kind of secret? Like that money you have been hiding all along? Well, your partner would love it if you are hiding cash somewhere else. It’s a good secret and it could save you from a lot of debt. Pay off debt and become financially stable.

How about a secret your best-friends been telling you to keep? Well, that is in your conscience. If your best-friend has been telling you not tell anyone including your spouse, that my friend is breaking your code. If your best friend is telling you not tell anyone, you can’t be trusted. So better be telling your partner that this kind of secret is holy and need to be kept.

Secrets define a person. If you know how to keep it. You are worthy of every respect but if your mouth is running like a babbling brook, that is not commendable. Washing your mouth with vinegar and soup will not make you clean either.

Okay, what am I talking about?