What about telling the world that you start this blog because you can’t keep up with what’s on your head?

That’s a long, long title.

So what?

Do you I need to prove something?

Well, you have to since you have started this blog to tell the world what you are capable of?

Well, not really! I am not capable of anything.

Who are you kidding?

You just expose yourself to something not too great.

I don’t mind about it.

You don’t care?

I do care but I think it’s not important.

World You

How do you keep a man in your life?

So much to say, so much to do. But keeping a man is actually not your job. You see, if you ask how to keep a man and do something with him, that’s how you get into trouble. First and foremost, a man of your liking is always accompanied with troubles. In the bible, if […]

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Society World

What to do when you don’t know about what’s going on?

Take a deep breath. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Release the tension. Release the power. Lossen up. Breathe again. Shake it up. Mind your own well-being. Be aware of your breathing. Can you hear your heart? Your voice? Your inner self telling you what to do? Or not to do? Are you feeling it? Not […]

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25 Annoying and Disgusting Habits That People Usually Do in Public

Spitting anywhere, especially inside the bus and the train. Throwing their trash everywhere. Picking their nose in front of many people. Smoking in a non-smoking area. Public display of affection, especially inside the bus, the train, in the street, in the mall and in front of the children. Fighting inside the bus, in the train […]

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