When he’s not that into you crap?

Believe it, he’s not that really into you.

If he does, he will make ways to do everything just to be with you.

One: He will call you!

Two: He’ll text you!

Three: He will try all the ways to be with you.

If he’s doing the opposite, you get the message. You’ll see Red flags and he will make everything to stay away from you.

One: No calls for a month!

Two: No text

Three: No messages at all.

Four: He’s posting free beers and smiling on the camera on his social media.

You have to move on. Don’t keep on looking at your phone just to see if he makes a call or leave a message. Cut the crap and enjoy your life. Please do yourself a favor and make new friends. The person whom you met who didn’t leave you a message isn’t that into you. This is true and before you get your heart totally broken, move on ! The he’s not that into you crap happens to everyone. The right guy will come to you just when you’re living your life to the fullest. If you haven’t live yet, start now. Don’t try to make reasons for this person. Ah, he just shy. Ah, maybe, he’s too busy or any excuses you make for him. Don’t make excuses for him. Don’t even think about him and please erase him in your vocabulary. The obvious signs has been written all over the wind. You see, this type of guy will only text you when its convenient for him. He is not considerate about your feelings and he doesn’t care whom you hang out with. The problem with us, women – we tend to daydream about this type of guy and keep wishing until our head is in the clouds. Now, the only person that can stop this is you. So make an effort to get yourself out there and start enjoying your life.

Now, enough of my preaching and tell me you’re totally get yourself out of the situation.

How about that huh? 😁😁😁