The Child and the Swing

Yesterday, while watching a little girl with a a pink bonnet, pink mittens and her soft- creamy scarf knotted neatly on her neck, she was holding the swing tightly and she swung freely and cheerfully. I saw her smiles, her small-uneven teeth and her unexplained happiness. How pure were her smiles, her deepest blue eyes admiring every pushed her mother made. Pure laughter. Little giggles. Pure child. Pure heart.

Admiring the view and listening to her sweet laughter, my eyes were glued not on the child alone but it wandered with the swing. It came back and forth. Coming and going, through and through. The squeaking of the metal, the rattling of the chain, the snowflakes scattered in the park and the joy on her face reminded me how happiness could be so simple. She didn’t noticed the noise. She only noticed the beauty and the fun of it all. Careless. Carefree. And, very happy!

How I thought? How I wonder? Like the child and the swing, it described its meaning. Like me and the time. I was swinging through time, catching all the events of my life, watching the snow coming and going, wishing it to go away- never even appreciate its glory. How ungrateful I become? Catching the bus, chasing the train, running back and forth in the subway. Did I even appreciate the day? How I dream that like a child I can laugh purely as the winter pours? Like a child I can giggle the day as the time goes, like a child I let the time comes and enjoy it as far as it goes.

Yes, you can never buy the time. You can’t retrieved it, either. But, would I barter my happiness because I’m catching and moving to and fro with time?

Like a child, how I dream to enjoy every ride….of my life!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock, K. Griffin and Skip O Donnel

7 thoughts on “The Child and the Swing

  1. yeah, sometimes i too envy the children’s shallow happiness. it makes me want to go back to those days when my only problem was going to sleep in the afternoon. sigh

  2. Some days I walk to the top of the vineyards and run back down, the wind in my hair and non in my lungs! I love that feeling of being free, I shout and laugh like the girl on the swing. Then I put my sensible head back on, call the dogs and walk home a 51yr old again. Loved the blog topic.

  3. Although I'm not a believer but only a reader of holy books, this made me remember that statement of Christ about the bliss: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven".

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