Reasons Why You Shouldn’t be Up Until 5:00 in the Morning


Yes, I was up until five in the morning, reading. Yeah, Reading. Reading some ridiculous book that usually not my thing. I mean, who would like to read a man with fangs, wolves, wild dogs and etcetera? And a girl who is smitten with the wolf and could not figure out if to turn herself into a wolf would be a good idea.  Only Edward and Bella precisely.

Did I not know that you can turn human into dogs and chase wolves until they show their fangs and bite you deep? Only in books, right? The power of author’s imagination always amazed me.

It wasn’t about my plan to read such book, but the title was so intriguing that I told myself, maybe one chapter. Then, two. Three. Until it was 5:00 in the morning.

I really don’t like authors sometimes, they just hook you up like that and mess up your sleeping beauty routine. Arggh, as if I used to have one.

Now, it made me suffer from sleep deprivation, which made me do a little research about why some people have weird feelings about lack of sleep.

Wondering why you keep on staring at the yellow or whatever-color wall you are staring at? And suddenly, you’re walking down memory lane? I’m not sure what’s so serious about lack of sleep why some serious anecdote of your past are flashing back like an old movie 20 years ago.

And yes, there’s a scientific explanation for that.

  • Sleep experts and genius people said that if you are lack of sleep,  you have that sort of trouble in your internal system. Even, a barrel of coffee won’t help you kick that internal problems away. Healthy chemicals in your body won’t do its job or may just do it poorly. Like insulin may not be utilized. It decreases its ability to process blood sugar.
  • Sleep deprivation experts may tolerate your irritability syndrome because it is expected that your blood pressure is higher like 140/90 or more than that for lack of sleep. You may blow up  that sphygmomanometer  with that number of yours. So if you throw your cellphone off the window and hit the squirrel that eat your grass in the backyard (Poor squirrel), it’s okay (I’m not saying to kill the squirrel) Because you have a valid reason to be irritable. But make it sure that you are not aiming it on to a person. You might end up sleeping in a jail cell to replenish the sleep that you’ve loss. What I mean to say that irritability may trigger when you are lack of sleep. In other words, watch out for a temper tantrums.
  • They also blame it on the high level of your stress hormones too. You know that stress hormones, they are called cortisol and norepinephrine. You have to watch out how much lack of sleep you’ve lost. Stress hormones are potentially dangerous because they can shut down metabolic process such as digestion, reproduction, growth and immunity. You may be wondering why you suffered from sitting on the toilet for hours and laboring on something to come out. In short, constipation.
  • Male population should be aware that stress hormones may decrease their level of testosterone. And speaking of such, it is the integral part of their organ(ic), male  existence. Low level of testosterone for men must be part of the reason why some woman divorce their husband.

Okay, just kidding. But, maybe part of what I revealed is true. All the reasons why you need to hit your head in the comfort of your angelic pillow and have a good night sleep.

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