Hope is like a thing with feathers

If there’s one thing that I can’t live without, it’s hope.

What is hope? Is it something that you can grasp within reach? In physical realms, you can’t touch hope. It is intangible. It isn’t an object that can be grasp within your hands.

Hope is something you look forward to happen. A certain wish in your heart that something will happen for good, for better and for the best. Hope is like a fuel that drives you toward something and you know that by having that feeling, it makes you feel magnificent, inspired and motivated.

A talented writer, Emily Dickinson described hope like a thing with feathers. And like a little bird, it never stops sending vibration of hope. Reality bites, life can be tough at times or most of the times but with hope that perches our soul, it gives us inspiration to accept the forces of life.

The thing about hope, though, it gives you the motivation to move forward when one thing fails. It drives your mind to drive miles ahead when things aren’t moving and it fuels your energy to do more when your strength starts to drain.

God knows that I can’t live without hope. Hope is a positive antidote in my soul that drives me sane and delivered me toward a safe harbor.

Few weeks ago, life has been deliberately provoking my ability to stay calm in times of pressure. The pressures about life, relationship, career and every aspects of my life are poking every fiber of my being. Sometimes, surrendering to the universe and to God who made everything wonderful and possible seemed not enough.

However, there is hope. And with all the things that pressurized me, all I can think about that life is but hope.

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