Five Ways on How to Mend a Broken Heart

Broken heart is an overwhelming sorrow of pain and distress to the point of madness. It drives men and women insane. It actually sucks. It cuts you too deep if you are not careful. Nobody should have the right to hurt someone. But when you love someone so much and suddenly the relationship turn sour, heart break can’t be avoided no matter how careful and cautious you’ll be.

Everybody gets hurt in different ways. Whatever the cause, it can be dealt positively.

There’s an antidote for a broken heart, simply drink  sleeping pills and after you wake up in the morning, you’ll feel fresh as new. Now, that’s a lie. But the best advice I can give you is to let your heart recover. Yet, by reading that line, your inner response is, “It’s not as easy as that”.

Actually, your right. It’s not very easy. Everyone could relate to that experience. If you loved someone so deeply before and suddenly he/ she’s gone, it’s like everything is a mess. But if you are not willing to let yourself heal, who will? And that feeling of being stab a hundred times over and over again? Who likes that?

To mend a broken heart, you need to be willing to move on and start on with your life. It takes a decision.  It may hurt so badly but you have to make a decision.

The following questions below may struck a chord inside:


  •     How would you start without him or her?
  •     Could you survive without him or her?
  •     Would he or she ever comes back?

Dealing with these questions are natural. Sometimes, you may come to the point that you thought no one would help you picking up the pieces. You are not alone. Many people are suffering the same ordeal.

It’s a fact that when you loss someone you’re so attached with, your heart will be exposed to negative feelings. But as I said, you have to make a decision to move on and get it over with.

It’s really hard to move on once he or she’s gone but, if you won’t deal with it once and for all, you’ll be wasting your time for nothing.  You have to face it, accept it and don’t escape from it.

Here are some practical ways to recover from a broken heart:

 1. First thing first, cry.

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You have to let it out by crying. Find a room where you can cry it all out. Take boxes of Kleenex with you and don’t get out in that room.  Cry a lot until all your heartaches inside has been poured. There’s nothing wrong with crying. It’s like crying when your cat had died from a car crash. Pouring your heart with your tears may help.  You will notice that after you’ve cried that something has been release.

I’m not saying that the hurt and the pain could be erase in the moment. At least,  you’ve been doing the first step on how to mend your broken heart. Make a decision like, tonight-will-be-the-last-night-I-will-cry for you”

2. Allow your thoughts to bring back the memories. The Good, the bad, the ugly and the worst

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Whether it’s a major disaster, a complicated one or sweet memories, just let it flow in your mind. You may feel like you’re crazy but let it be.  I’m saying that you’re just practicing some things that you need to to let go. Don’t force yourself to forget him at once, it will take time. Let it flow and let it go.

3.Get out and talk

After crying inside your room, get out and talk to somebody. May it be your friends, your mother, your father or even your cat or dog. It will help. Dogs and cats could understand you. They are the great listeners at all times. I’m saying that you’re in the stage of releasing something what’s inside.

Do not attempt to call him. Do not talk to the person who gives you such excruciating pain. It only prolong the heartache and it will never help you recover. It drives you crazy too. Confrontation, blaming and screaming may be possible.

4.Go out and have fun

After you release everything, depends on your thought process and the way you cope up the situation, plan something different. Go shopping and dance with your friend. Slowly and slowly, you let go. It may hard at first but you need your life back. Have you heard the saying, fake it till you make it. Well, it depends upon you. You have to bring back your joy and live life to the full. Life is too short to live in misery. Don’t let anyone grab your joy.

5. Bounce back and be positive

You are beautiful, no matter what they say. Yes, it’s Christina Aguilera’s  song. But nobody should steal away the beauty of your smile. It’s a sin. Perhaps not, but it happen sometimes.  Just be more positive. And tell the whole world that yes, you’re suffering from heartache of losing someone but there’s no way in the world you’re going to build a monument to that person.

If the person left for someone else, he doesn’t deserve you. You deserve more.

Well, everybody knows that broken heart suck and it is not a piece of cake. But if you learn how to eat the cake sweetly, your broken heart could be mended. Though, it takes time to heal the wounds but there’s hope.

Just allow yourself to heal.

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54 thoughts on “Five Ways on How to Mend a Broken Heart

  1. I’m crying A LOT.

    Never knew there was something so powerful as this!
    I don’t know if this is heaven or hell – living or dying… having a broken heart feels like realising your mortality.

    This is a lovely piece is helping me. Thanks a million x
    D Jones xxxxx

  2. broken hearted ako pero ginawa kong pagsubok ito na dapat malampasan kaya siguro madali akong nakarecover and with the help of friends..nasaktan ako dahil pinaasa inapakan ang pakalalaki ko.pero nagpapasalamat parin ako sa kanya dahil maraming akong natutunan.

  3. I’ve dated a guy for 8 yrs. Since he was older and set in his ways I slowly made my life his. We have the same friends which were his from the start. We got married a year ago and all that passion we had started to fade. We argued every day since we were not use to living with one another. We will always be attracted to each other but he decided to make changes in his life for the better and it starts with leaving me and he chose not to seek help. He moved out a week ago and I’ve been miserable ever since. How do you forget someone you had envisioned dreams with and started a future. How do you forget and let go. Every surrounding/ songs/ friends/ my dogs remind me of him. My dogs now wait for him to come home by the door and i hate that he never will. He broke my heart but he still wants to be friends. He has started the divorce procedures and I’m just scared of a future without him. My life revolved around his and I can’t stop this pain I have. I cry myself to sleep everyday. Ive been distracting myself during the day but at night I sleep in the same bed and miss him by my side. How can I let him go since I still love him so much.

  4. I’m in love with a man that isn’t quite ready for commitment. We’ve been together for 3 years and I’ve always treated him like a king. He’s been taking care of me and my two boys for a year now while I went to school, since I lost my job. I know it’s been a lot of pressure on him. He’s cheated on me twice and I thought I forgave him, but I find myself throwing it up in his face at times when we argue. I’ve never cheated on him even when we were just dating. He’s a sweet guy when he want to be but recently he moved out and I been so depressed and stressed out. I’ve been having a lot axiety attacks. I’m so hurt, I can’t even see straight. He thinks we need space from each other, he moved about a mile away but I’m so confused he’s the one who cheated how come I can’t hate him after all we have been through he can’t focus on his career because Im distracting him etc.. I feel so alone my kids don’t understand he has been there for them since we have been together. There fathers don’t do nothing for them. I know it hurts them too. I need to get my life together but how?

  5. hi, i’ve been with the a girl jesika for 2 years, she was a rebound i met 2 weeks after i got out of a 5 year relationship. well 3 months into our relationship i told her i couldn’t force myself to love her, but we stayed togather. about 6 months in i did fall in love but my ex stayed in the picture cause she worked with me. well that caused nonstop fights and breakups. we musta broke up atleast 10 times in 2 years. eventually we moved in togather, we had a decent relationship, went out to eat, had our places in town personal to us, but my family hated her and her friends despised me cuz she cryed alot and so did i.eventually the fighting got so bad i started kicking her out of the house once a week.. and regretted it every time until 1 day she moved and never came back. we got back togather and broke up a few more times cuz i always begged her back but now she says she hurts too much and has to make herself happy, by dating another person. 2 days before she hooked up with the new person she was sending me sexy pics and leading me on. now she walked away won’t talk to me or text me, and i’m left completely shattered, crying uncontrollably, haven’t eaten in 4 days, can’t work, not going to taekwondo classes, and my friends just tell me to let go. my big question is…HOW THE HELL DO U LET GO!!!!

  6. Like all of y0u,I had a very very bad experience,with my ex it’s hurt me a l0t,after 6 yrs. He dumped me,i’ll alm0st kill myself h0w can I survive…=( I l0ve him so much…

  7. after being with my boyfriend for 22 years and finally we get married and now that we are married he tells me he does want to be with me anymore. he got himself in trouble 36 days after we got married and has nine months in jail. he has asked me to bring him narcotics in jail and i have refused . as soon i did this it seemed as though all he contiued to talk of was an annulment or divorce. i am still so in love with Him, i guess he has finally chosen his habit over me. i am so heart broken and all I do every day is cry and i also cry at work.he also will not call me or let me see him. i am hurting so much and i just do not know what to do.

  8. I was with my ex boyfriend for two years and I lived with him for seven months and right before I moved in with him he called me and told me he didnt know if he wanted to be with me anymore but he didnt want to let me go so I moved on and we seemed very happy I love him with everything I have I gave him the world and I still do it has been three weeks since I moved back home but it ha been the hardest thing I have ever had to deen with my heart feels like someone is sticking a thousand knive into it and it never stops I cry in my sleep but when I left we both agreed we would stay friends and we have we talk almost every day on the computer and on the fone but he is always telling me he misses me and that he is always thinking about me when he has told me that he doesnt love me anymore over and over again I really dont know what to do I have given up everything to be with this man and he knew that I did yet he still threw me away like yesterdays garrbage and didnt think twice about it and the whole kicker is he ws very mean to me everyday he was very emotionally abusive and I love him even still because that was Just apart of who he was and he always felt bad for hurting me I still love him with all of my heart how do I hand this he was my first boyfriend and now I never want anyone ese I am afraid I will day alone with no one to love me but I woll not be able to ever love anyone like I love him help me please any advice would be apriciated Thank you
    *no heart left*

  9. i just got my heart broken today by this really cute boy i liked he said he did not want to go out with me but yesterday he said he liked me so i asked him out andd he said maybe but today he said no. i want to cry so bad. my heart hurts really and i do not kno how to handle it.

  10. Thank you so much for the advice and i beleive it has already worked on me

  11. I Dont how to cope and need all the advice i could get i have a 1 year old son and his father has been cheating on me since the day he was born i asked him to leave but he wont after this i caught him cheating on me 9 times now and he still wont go what do i do??? desperate please help me!!!!

  12. I have been in bondage ever since my ex left me for another woman, It was really hell for me and everybody told me to forget about him but i could not because i love him so much, Things get worse until my friend Stephine introduced me to this real spell caster Dr. Oldest and i contacted him through his email i explain everything to him and he cast a spell for me immediately after three days, everything turn around and Nick came to me on his knee beg for forgiveness that i am the one and only woman in his life now. I was surprise i have never seen such a miracle in my life. I am so thankful to this man and i will forever publish his name on the internet in case anyone needs any help. Amanda Sanchez

  13. a broken heart can be fix but not a permanent fix..the love still live but is the things the couple do does not change..your mind say see new people and its just situation make you move on..but is life .. be happy.. u still living lol…. and u will find some one..or let sum1 find you

    loving someone is a gift… a broken heart is a better gift… it make you see and know wat is lyfe.if some hurt you and not talkin to you and with someone else.. believe me him/her i dyin to talk to you…but they holdin bac cuz they know wat they done. but love livez on.. talk to the ppl you love..

  14. iam happy for her that she is more happy with other person then me,may be i look like looser but i know that love is not about possesing someone its all about sacrificing …
    may she be happy where ever she lives and i have memories which will be mine for rest of my life.iam just 25,still got atleast 30 to go 😉
    i thinkwe all luv once and i have done my share but she is lucky she can still luv other people……….SSK

  15. thanks for those healing comments, i gave time, emotions, support and everything that i could to my gf.. she never returned the same to me and now she is out of my life. i wanted her to love me and to give me her heart and take care of me.. alas it happend.. we were together for an yr.. she came along half hearted.. i kept my up to it and waited her emotions to take a positive turn towards me..time passed it never happened.. i cd not break either as i was so much in lov with her, now she left the country..the sword of time cut our bond and i am sad.. i did not break with her and i dont know how to deal with unending and yielding emotion to her, although she is gone i still think of her and somewhere in mind think she wl take a u turn…… 99.9% this is my illution i know for sure..

  16. starting to move on..dq kyang wla xa pro sknya nang galing ang problema..nag hanap xa ng iba,.

  17. well i want to get over the pain now, I’m still very much inlove with my hubby he works abroad and told me just last week that he no longer is happy with me and also i learned that he is now with someone else I am a woman who did everything we have a 2 yr. old son, and I dnt know what to do he wanted to get the custody of my little one too, what can I do, even if he had said to much I still feel so much for him he broke my heart and torn it to thousand of pieces yet I stilllove him, pls. help me i am not capable of thinking the ryt thing to do…

  18. I just got out of a four year realationship… I have a 16month old son. I wanna move on but my heart still has hope we will fix things…we broke up because I cheated but I truly regret it and repent from it I didn’t have sex just kissed another chick but she thinks something else happend and I mean I don’t blaime her.. well we still live together and sleep in diffrent rooms. She’s been going out every weekend and so I started doing the same so fridays she goes out to party and I stay home with my son.. saturdays I go out and she stays home…. I know I might sound real stupid for still sticking around I mean she’s already moving on she tells me she loves me and misses me and I don’t know what to do???? I need someones opinion!

  19. I loved him with all I have and we shared so much he told me he loved and I felt we had this connection.I was always there for him. And then he just turn cold and distance and then completely pushed me away. I am missing him so much was it all one sided will the pain go away?? I have so many answer questions… How do I let him go

  20. My Boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years, I Have noticed in the past that He could be a bit controlling; however I have chosen to deal with it. I am getting to the point of my life that I AM NOT sure if I want to be with him anymore.
    If I want to go out for a drink with my friends, that’s not allow, if we go to a party and I talk to others it’s not allowed, if people find me funny and joke with me he feels that I am and like to be center of attention, I pay half of all the bills, and he had more debt then I do he feels that its not fair that I could save and he can not.

  21. Hi someone can help me!nakilala ko ung ex ko dito sa dubai.We’re living together for a year but time goes by may mga pagbabago na.Siguro nasakal na sya sa akin.kasalan ko bang higpitan siya?Kya nakikipaghiwalay siya a akin.

    any advices pra sa susunod kong makarelasyon.Paano ba magiging mabuting girlfriend?

  22. help!i dont want to lose her.i love you nay!you mean the world to me.please dont leave me ;c

  23. i’ve been talking to this guy for a while now, and we aren’t a couple or anything but i really do like him. i went over to his house once and he started cuddling with me, so i was sure that he really had feelings for me. All of a sudden, he’s stopping talking to me and he is being all quiet when we talk on msn or txting… i really don’t know what to do. part of me wants to forget him, but then there’s that other part of me that wants to hold on as long as i can.

    any suggestions on what i should do?

  24. well,it all strted wen my friend introduced me wif two of her guy friends.then,after few weeks l8r,me&the guys become good friends.suddenly,they both liked me&wanted me 2 be their gf.let’s say that their nme was ‘R&D’.i choose ‘R’ 2 b my bf coz he asked me 1st.then,after 3 wks l8r..’R’ suddenly broke up wif me wif no reasons.then i accept ‘D’ 2 b my bf.after 2 wks tht ‘D’ & i dated,’R’ suddenly wanted 2 b back wif me again..he said tht he still missed&loved me bck..& i still hve those feelings 4 him..then, ‘D’ knew tht i still hve those feelings 4 his friend..& THen he getting quiet.he now stop tlking wif me&avoidng me.he didn’t ans my call nor replyng my txt..i felt sorry 4 him..thn, i jst knew tht ‘R’ is playng wif my heart again.he both loved me&the other girl..i flt so heartache n so thre any way 4 me 2 4get ‘R’&back wif ‘D’ again??(p.s-i needed ans,& all ans ArE appreciated)tq………missX

  25. missX : i think you should appologised 2 ‘D’and if that don’t work out,then you should 4get them both and find new boyfriend.this time loved only 1 of luck:)


  27. She told me noone would love me as much as her..about 3 months ago,We dated for 3 years..She dumped me on monday.I havent eaten,i feel like dieing.Worst off, we work together and i feel as though there’s another guy..she’s always denied it completly.I tried calling over and over,and she says nothing well change her mind,she didnt love me any more.I need to hear from someone this has happened to them,and there is life at the end of the tunnel.Im desperate for help,ive never been so sick in my life,what hurts the most is seeing that its not bothering her.My family loved her,she told them she loved me.Now she doesn;t..Please..well this pain end.? I dont think i will ever get over this..hope to hear from someone soon..

  28. I loved him so much. He hurt me once before and months later apologize and wanted a relationship. I feel like an idiot for agreeing to it. Espicially since everyone tells you long distance relationships never work. I loved him so much though and we had some really good times together when he was in town. For a while we were texting back and forth and every couple of weeks he would call me up. Things were going good, but it seems like this summer things started to go downhill. About a month ago my sister died. He knew I needed someone to talk to so he called me the day she died we talked for a solid hour he had all these ideas of me coming up there to live with him for the summer, Maybe even perhaps going to cedar point at the end of the summer. Then after that I didn’t get any messages for three weeks and so I emailed him to see what was up and thats when he broke up with me. It feels time times worse because it feels like he bailed on me when I needed him the most. I know hes a busy guy because hes working and living on his own, but it still hurts. I don’t know how I’m going to get over this because I loved him and still love him so much. I even thought maybe he was the one. Then again I may just be a stupid over emotional girl. He was so incredibly sweet though and it sucks. Just plain sucks. I wish for anything to see him, I miss him so much..

  29. i loved him…he didnt spend enough time with me…friends were really important for him…and one day i not gonna be pushed away and ignored…i just knew that it was the right thing to do…i dumped him…i was glad at first…maybe because it was not him who dumped me…but days after that..i started missing him terribly…he called me saying that he was sorry for not being with me when i wanted him…but all i was expecting him to ask was whether i wanted him back…he did not ask..few weeks after this…i got fed up and i asked him myself and he said no…he said that he doesnt deserve me and he doesnt want to hurt me again…he told me to find a better guy…i got mad and i told him not to tell me who to love..and two months after that…he called me…he was in the area and wondered whether we could meet up.. i was away so i said no..and he answered’maybe we werent meant to meet’….and i got hurt…what i wanna know is…if he doesnt have feelings for me…he wouldnt have said that….what does he mean?and its been 2 and a half months..i still think of him and cry….but i never tried to call him…it wil just make me look like a fool…

  30. I’m hurt but i dont blame anybody but myself.I”ve been dating a guy for six month, we fell in love very quick and we had great connection.two months later he became very busy claiming that he has too much school work to do and his job was stressing him up. I kinda of understood because i’m a students myself,but he promised to see me more in summer because he would’nt be taking any classes. I was very excited when he said that because i love him with all my heart and not seeing him stress me a lot.its almost the end of July now the guy is busier than ever, sadly he does not even returns my calls when i call and he’ll text the next day telling me how stressed out he was.but the funny thing is that he text me everyday telling me how much he loves me.We live 15minutes away from each other but we’ve never seen each other since summer began. i need advice please,does this guy even care about me at all or i’m just waisting my time and playing fool?.what hurt me the most is that this is my third relashinship and all of them end up with the same behavior. should i live him or he is realy busy i’m very comfused?

  31. Hi guys,

    I made the mistake of falling in love with someone who was going through a separation with his wife. She left him with their 2 year old daughter and moved to another state. I believed him when he told me that he was over her, but I noticed that he’d talk about her alot and always insert her into our conversations. He was very sweet and kind to me and we did have a genuine connection, so I found myself becoming a “therapist” of sorts. One day he became distant and I told him he needed to take some time to figure out things because he couldn’t really love me right now. He told me not to give up on us and that he hopes that hes worth the wait and that he won’t be a stranger. 2 weeks later and I still haven’t heard from him. It hurts but I’m happy that I realized that he wasn’t who I thought he was, that all the words of love he told me were just words and just spoken to me because he couldn’t tell her. I’m getting over it slowly but it still hurts sometimes, I still think of him daily but its genuinely getting better with time. If you have a broken heart like I do the best thing to give yourself is time and forgiveness. Take care and may God smile upon you.

  32. I am so confused now… i love my fiance and if love can be measured, I know that he loves me more but he wants to give me up because he feels that he is not the right guy for me.. we are not really young (late 30s and early 40s) and I am catholic divorcee while is he is muslim, married and with kids.. he left his family for me (wife and him are only together bec of the kids even before I came to his life) but now he is confused because he is thinking what will happen to us in the next ten years.. no, returning to his kids is out of the question because it will not ever happen, and i know he loves me but he is hurting me because he wants to leave me because he thinks he is not good enough for me.. i don’t understand how he can love me so much but leave me anyway…the hardest thing is that we share a lot of things in common, call it cliche but we are soulmates, best friend, etc. but all the circumstances around us now is driving us apart.. the difficult part to accept is that we still are very much in love after 2 years together…

  33. No relationship is ever a failure if you manage to learn something about yourself from having gone through it all with your heart open to both joy and pain. Just because it didn’t work out doesn’t mean it wasn’t a necessary part of your journey to becoming who you’re meant to be. Allow at least the learning part to enrich your life.

  34. We were together for 3 1/2 years. When he decided to move on to another girl it broke my heart into a million peaces. He says he still cares and we are “friends” on Myspace but reading his comments to his new girl and hers to him, in addition to pictures of them together and photo comments of her body… wow it breaks my heart. However I am not ready to let go, deep down I am hoping he will come back to me. How supid am i?

  35. “If you love somebody, let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.”
    m planning now to broke up with my lover to see if he realy loves and cant stay away from me..

  36. i am going through a break up now thats driving me crazy,at first i think i was dealing with it by trying to tell myself i dont need him, but as the days go by i start to miss him every moment, its been 6 days now and im now starting to go into depression mode, i have been crying for the past 2 days, i am not consentrating at work and the sad part is we work together…the good thing is i dont see him every day cuzz we work for two diffrent departments….but i miss him so much, i find myself crying and hugging his towel or his clothes that’s still at my house….my head and my eyes hurt from crying so much….he calls me and tell me its hurting him but he feels like i deserve a better man….help what do yall think.

  37. I met my bf online in April and I fell in love 3 months later. We didn’t make our relationship official until November, after he pulled a “disappearing act” in October. Later he told me that in October he had slept with 2 people, one being his ex. A week later after we had been planning all month on spending the Christmas and New Year’s holidays together, his ex told him she was pregnant. We are in love with one another and now it seems as if she’s holding this baby over his head and right now we’re on a break. I’m trying like hell to give him the space he needs to make his decision, but I’m hurting so bad. I’ve let him know that no matter what I’m here for him, but I know something like this takes time. I’m afraid b/c she wants him to marry her again and I’m sure he’s going to say yes. I didn’t even loved my bf of 3 1/2 years the way I love him. Please help…

  38. its been 9 months and i tort i was over my ex but lately several things are just reminding me of him and i feel a weak spot for him. i loved that guy unconditionally and he loved me just as much. im from the caribbean and he\’s from england, he came here to live about 1yr and a half ago. we were together for 10months but then one day he flew out of trinidad and never said anything to me. the last time we spoke we had a small argument which we very rarely have and the next day i tried callin him and his step dad told me he left. i was so devastated, i cried and cried, he called as soon as he reached england to tell me.-he had a family crisis-
    Till now i havent see what he looks like since he left.
    now he is back with his ex and im back wit mine. i love my bf but idk y my ex is comin back in my mind.

  39. Hi everybody, its an honor being here.

    My girlfriend of five years broke up with me & its been three months now. She was perfect for me, i loved her more than myself & we even had plans of marriage. But she changed eventually & little by little it led to the breakup.
    Anyways, after the breakup my whole world fell on me & its like i died on the spot. I felt like the living dead. It’s like i was decaying deep within, it was extreme hell. Then, she suddenly told me that she’s still too weak to move on & she needed me by her side as a friend. I didn’t know what to think but i pitied her somehow though i was really bitter inside & decided to agree. Besides i wasn’t ready myself to let go yet. So what started out as texting & calling became personal encounters & lead to sex over & over again. But the discussion of a reconciliation was never tackled, never an issue. And she did show gestures of affection time & time again & even told me that she missed me. I expected a lot from those sweet gestures & became sweet myself. But she then shifted & became insensitive when i showed affection, she withdrew. But she still entertained sexual encounters when we would meet up but that was it. Now, its hurting me like hell. I really want to let go so that i could get on with my life because there is no future here. Yet whenever the attempt arises to call everything off,i succumb to my crazy emotions. Every day is hell and i feel like a zombie. I want to avoid her but i end up calling her. Everything’s making me totally sick. I still need her but i know it would just mean more hurt…Damn it i wish these feelings would disappear….coz i still love her like crazy..


  40. (cont’d)

    I’m even checking out these dating sites & even tried dating, but i end up comparing these girls with her. Honestly, deep inside i’m somehow hoping things would work out, even though chances are really slim. I need help. First, is she holding back her true feelings? Is she scared to commit again? And what should i do? Should i attempt to woo her back into my life? Or should i really move on..? So confused……

  41. i need advice, you see i’m really in love with someone, and everyone [sometimes even me] thinks she’s in love with me too. But i think she changes her mind from time to time about it because she’s not sure. And sometimes she’ll do hurtful things to me but then i would just bare with it; i wish i knew if she really loves me. I’m waiting for her to tell me first because she’ll be the one who’ll make the biggest change of her life, considering i already did before her. but how am i going to help her realize or be less afraid of a relationship with me? or even just hold on to me? i’ve been broken hearted last 2009 lots of times now, but this one is different, it’s going to be the biggest broken heart i’ll get if i find out i may never have her; and i dont think i can deal with this broken heart that easily and it might affect my school works; so i need to know, and i’ll be happy.
    i never felt this way before for someone, i dont think i can let her go.


  43. hi ,am sanyu, hope someone can help me, i have been with my boyfriend for 9 yrs, we met when i was really young ans then after school he had to work abroad that we had not yet got a chance to get married , i love him so much and i thought he felt the same way, a year ago i found out he was cheating on me with the girl from his work station, well, he apologized and i thought everything was going to be fyn coz we have loved each other for a long tym and passed thru alot together, but i was wrong, a week ago he called to tell me his new girlfriend gave birth to his child and he went to leave with her, he does not care abt me anymore does not even call.
    yesterday we formally broke up. but am dying inside, am too old for the next relationship. this was my first and i dont think i can open up my heart to another, worse still, who can fall for s 28 year old woman, am bitten and hurt and very very sad and feel terrible, will i ever get over this, someone help coz am dying inside.

  44. the only way to truly mend a broken heart is to fall in love with somebody else, then you’d be like “what the hell was i making such a big fuss for?” i’m not saying be a skank and look for rebounds. i had my heart broken to millions of pieces by an ex-bf who i was with for 3 years. i cried for so long i couldn’t cry anymore but the pain was still there, but now solidified rock in my chest. I felt crying just made me feel more pathetic and i would still cry months afterward in random moments. I thought about it, the good and the bad – and it just made m cry and hurt even more and want to know WHY? but throughout that time, i went out and lived my life, distracting myself even if i had to pretend i was happy – it resulted in meeting new people and making friends and opening up to new experiences, DESPITE the painful void i had inside. i didn’t go hook up with anyone for 9 solid months, and when i did, it was with a good person. Then i did that a couple more times and realized that’s not my kind of thing (didn’t enjoy the sex that way – call me old fashioned but i can only enjoy it with someone i care about and who feels the same about me), and completely stopped it. Then i met a guy and suddenly, i was in love again. completely unexpectedly and wasn’t even sure i wanted it. as scared as i was, i went for it and i realized i was over my ex finally when i learned to love again with my whole heart. ok, so with this new guy, things are still difficult and bad enough that we’ve broken up despite me being pregnant right now and us still loving each other so much but are too fiery, stubborn and independent to get on as well as we used to. I am again heartbroken, but you know what? I’m ok. Because i’ve survived a heartache before and i was fine after a while, especially when i accepted it and decided that the only thing i can do is get over it since there was no getting back together. With my baby’s father, maybe we’ll work out, but not right now. I think we need what everybody can’t wait for in the rush to sort things out and feel better – TIME. Maybe he’ll realize that I am carrying our family in my belly right now and that he needs to recognize his mistakes and put his pride aside. He loves me so much but being an Arab and the way he grew up, he’s got this TREMENDOUS ego that only a woman who likes being a subordinate to a man would be able to live with. Too bad – or perhaps good for him – he met a woman who stands up for herself, and who has learned to love without losing who she is and what she has become after surviving many different heartaches. You see, when you overcome a heartbreak, it’s like you survived a massive war, and you are now a warrior. You deserve to respect yourself for overcoming difficulties and admire yourself for coming out with a great attitude despite the odds.
    and when this baby comes out, i would like it to be proud of its mom as i want to be a good example to my child.

  45. Im 16 && Me And My Ex Broke Up On September 26, 2009 It Was Almost A 1 Year Relatonship…… 8 Monthss…. Its Almost Been 6 Months Since The Break Up && Yet I Still Have Not Recovered From The Pain…I See Him Everydayy At School…..Hes Everywhere….Hes Always Looking At Me I Dont Know Why If Hes The One That Broke Up With Me…..I Dont Know If Its Teenage Love,,,,Fake Love,,,I Just Cry Sometimes I “Love” Him And I Dont Know What To Do Anymoree=/…Help?

  46. i have been dating this guy who i love so much for 8 months now,we are in a long distance relationship.he just told me that he has a new friend and she is a girl and she is telling him that me and him will not last,what sould i do should i leave the guy or hold on to him because i love him?

  47. This is great. And absolutely true, I am currently going through a break-up and as I read this, I realized that I have already gone through the first three steps.

  48. I just got my ex back with the help of Dr.Grant the love spell caster i own all thanks to Dr.Grant for bringing her back to me i saw how people testified of how Dr.Grant has been of help to them helping them to revive their marriage and getting their ex back i contacted him on 18 and on 21 of January She came back to me and promised me she will never leave me again all thanks to High Dr.Grant for his kind help and in case you are looking for a good and powerful spell caster that will bring your ex back or make your husband or wife love you the more and care for you just contact him on email (

  49. I have my heart broken just recently. I was utterly broken – first love and all. But it was a learning curve for me. I am still hurting but who knows what’s next. Still learning!

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