How to Let Go of Someone You Love

Letting go is really hard. Everyone who suffered from a broken heart really finds it hard to let go of someone they’ve known for a longer time. It’s like ripping off something that has been there, which is rooted from deep within. When you say rip off, it means tearing or someone just smashing your heart into pieces, it would be like a heart-wrenching pain. Remember that when one person loves so deep, it’s like giving off the entire self to the point of forgetting his own, including all his hopes, dreams, and the future. If two people met and form a heartfelt, enduring, and lasting bond, it’s really hard to separate them. If you tried to break them apart, one person will suffer or both of them will suffer from bruises and cuts that would hurt them to the point of bleeding, thus creating wounds, which eventually turn into scars. And, when one person drifts away, it’s hard for the person to forget all the hopes he builds for, how much more of letting go?

But, life has to move on. Getting stuck with the feelings and the same person all over again is not healthy. It affects your personal health, your social well-being, and especially your goals for the future. Why do you need to let go? It’s one of many possible reasons order for you to move on. It may not be easy at first. But when you’re getting over it, your smile will be the sweetest smile you can offer to someone to whom you want to open your heart to again.

How to Let Go?

Feel the Pain

When someone breaks your heart, don’t deny the feelings of hurt. Self-denial will make things worst. The normal reaction of normal people who are suffering from a broken heart is to feel that someone has ripped your heart into two. Feel the pain and if you want to mourn over it, so mourn. If crying will make the pain lessen for a bit, then cry. I’m not saying to cry in front of many people. You can cry inside your room or any secluded place to release such excruciating pain. Sometimes, to feel what you feel is one process of bursting out the hurt.

Accept it

There are some people who are afraid to accept that their relationship turns sour. They continue to pretend that their relationship is okay. Accept it, don’t deny it. One way or another, people can relate to what you feel.

Don’t Expect Unrealistic Expectation

You really want to let the person go but somehow at the corner of your mind, there’s a seed of thought that says, “He will be back for me” To expect him to come back to you would only prolong the heartache. When a person goes, he goes. When a person stays, he stays. When he makes a promise and failed it, he’s willing to compensate for it if he still wants the relationship to work out. But, since the one you love has already decided on his own and you are not part of it, would you risk your heart to hope for something that could only break your heart again.

Go out

If you decided to love the person who left you and promise yourself not to love again, I would say- you’re doing it wrong. What I mean, is don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t make yourself a monument to someone who turns out to be not right for you. I would say, go out. As they say, “The best way to forget someone is to get under someone else” ( why not? ) What I mean to say is that just go out and have some fun. Enjoy the moment till it lasts.

Let time go and Let the love heals

Have you ever heard the line that says, “It takes a million folds of love and a thousand breaths to be able to let go of someone you love”? Guess not. Why? I just learned from it. And when you learned from such an experience you will be able to understand more of yourself and you will be completely amazed of how much you’ve grown from such experience. Time will not heal the wounds, love will.

Indeed, to let go is to heal the hurt. To let go is one of the possible processes of moving on. As I said earlier, you can mourn over it but I’m not saying to mourn for it forever. There are lots of fun out there, you just need to unleash it.

33 thoughts on “How to Let Go of Someone You Love

  1. you sounded like an expert.. so how many have you let go already? (poor guys..)

  2. I’ve been there, everything you say is so true and the right advice for anyone going through it now. Great article.

  3. You show great depth of understanding and wisdom in this piece.
    Good work.

  4. That is what i am going through right now. I know time is going to heal. However, it is hard to pull yourself out of depressed mode.
    I feel I am always lack of energy and motivation. I don’t know how to get that motivation to go out.

  5. I can relate to this article very much. I’m having a hard time letting someone go right now.

  6. This is really very nice. I agree, time is not gonna heal the wound only love can… I’m talking from experience.. It has been one and a half year since my break up but still my heart is still with the person that I had loved but I’m moving on! And now I am able to smile whenever I think of my past knowing that I would have a better future as long as I try.. It is not the end of the world.. =)

  7. Letting go…and eventually you learn to focus on the smell of rain, a baby’s laugh, a wet puppy dog tongue…and to take life as it is, not as you would wish it to be.

  8. My humble advice will be never sacrifice yourself blindly until you build up your self confidence which must be tested not once, twice but thrice.

  9. “once bitten…twice shy” eh Mys….i know wot u hv said is true n very right in its own words..but puttin it in practice is whole diff story….thnx for advice…i mite print it off n stick it by my bed…dat way it stays in…

  10. Sorry I missed this one but better late than never. Good advice. Well done and well written.

  11. Very good advise, It is hard but it’s the only way to go. You can’t make someone love you. You can only step aside and find someone who does love you.

  12. a very good article.but im trying and i cant do it,its now6months i planned my life with her and we had a baby girl.i didnt cheat or beat her or even yelled but i know i didnt show her how i really felt.really i did not appreciate her,looking back i was crap but i still loved her deeply.i hate myself for it.i just wanna say if you love them and you know there the right one and you feel it going rocky and someone suggests councilling.fck sake do it,dont leave it to “its gunna be alrite”cause your end up like me.

  13. Wow!..That was nice and well presented article..I really liked it..well done and thanks for sharing.

  14. I will hope the person you are trying to help with this great message will be reading and heeding your expert advice.

  15. I am a man who has lost the same woman 3 times once at 30 , once at 36 and now again at 46! Boy do I feel like an ass! This time thought I could help her raise her & year old autistic child, and this is a very dangerous choice I made and now Ive lost her for good! I pray for Amanda and Brandon , i wiil always love you both and will try to maybe love again . She is not the deciding factor of weather I will love again , I AM!!!

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