How to get your boyfriend to propose

Most women, aged 30 and up would like to have a stable relationship than have a casual fling from time to time.  In terms of stability, a casual fling, and cold engagement, 80% of women preferred to be stable in marriage than being stable in a relationship without marriage.

If you have a long-time boyfriend and you want to jump into the next stage which is marriage, but he seems to have no plan of asking your hand in marriage, you have to do the thing that you need to do.  Do something that would make him buy a ring.

First of all, know what you want. Ask yourself a question if you really want to get married to this person.

If you want marriage, you have to tell him indirectly. Do some tricky moves that would give you an understanding if he really has a plan to marry you. Convince him that you are the only person who could love him so much. If however, an indirect proposal doesn’t work, ask him directly. You have nothing to lose. Since you know him for that long, it’s no anymore awkward to say that you want him to marry you.

Check your emotion. Do you really love him? Yes, you love him so much but ask yourself this question.  Does he really love you enough to give you a ring?  You need to ask questions for yourself. This is important to know the level of commitment he could give you in return.

Well, it’s actually not easy as I advised above. It might require more of your friend’s help and advice you could get from books or from anywhere. But seriously, dating a guy for 4 years or 6 years and without marriage? That’s rather long.  Be prepared emotionally when you found out the answer. Asking him frankly might scare your wits away and punch him so hard if you don’t like his answers. You need to talk to him seriously about what you want. If you found out that he doesn’t want to marry you, don’t lose heart. At least, you already know what’s your next step.

If he doesn’t answer or like the idea of marriage, step out from him. Get out. Move out. Give him a scare. He will realize eventually that you are the most valuable person he can’t afford to lose. The next thing you know is he’s bringing the ring along in front of your door.

Actually, these things are simple. You can do it. If he really doesn’t want marriage but you want it, it’s time to reconsider the relationship.

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