25 Annoying and Disgusting Habits That People Usually Do in Public

  1. Spitting anywhere, especially inside the bus and the train.
  2. Throwing their trash everywhere.
  3. Picking their nose in front of many people.
  4. Smoking in a non-smoking area.
  5. Public display of affection, especially inside the bus, on the train, in the street, in the mall, and in front of the children.
  6. Fighting inside the bus, on the train, or even in the street. If not satisfied, fight inside the mall.
  7. Using foul language that everyone can hear, including the youngsters.
  8. Crossing the road while the red light is on.
  9. Speeding on a busy street/ road.
  10. Driving at a red light.
  11. Shouting and yelling inside a public vehicle.
  12. Throwing cigarettes buds anywhere.
  13. Talking very loud on the cell phone.
  14. Ignore the veterans standing on the bus.
  15. Taking two seats on the bus that others can’t sit.
  16. Never form in line.
  17. Insulting the cashier, the checker, and the salesgirl or boy.
  18. Staring at you. Looking at you from head to bottom.
  19. When walking on a busy street, the person in front of you suddenly stops and blocks the way.
  20. Can’t understand the sentence, “Do not urinate here.”
  21. Belching or passing gas in the restaurant loudly.
  22. Farting inside the bus or even in a crowded area.
  23. Coughing and sneezing without protection or not covering their mouth.
  24. Sticking their chewed gum on the seat, others can sit or touch it.
  25. Certainly, last but not least, a person who suddenly bumps into you and never apologizes. I was inside the train, and we were ready to get off. A fat lady who weighed quadruple times as I suddenly bumped herself behind me caught me off guard. I was stunned, and when I looked at her, she never even looked back or did not even bother to care.

11 thoughts on “25 Annoying and Disgusting Habits That People Usually Do in Public

  1. itsme
    On November 2, 2007 at 7:20 am

    what really steams me up is when you go to the store or for a walk,mall,movies, etc, and people stand in your way on purpose just to see if they can get you to walk around them or if you have the guts to confront them. Basically, people who have to cause trouble to impress their freinds and the stupid freinds who are impressed by this.n1lwc

  2. I got irritated just to read this list, because they’re so right. Great job!

  3. Lol, i agree with them all except for the walking in red light thing. I only do it when there aren’t any cars coming by. lol.

  4. I agree with all of these…people are so rude and disgusting…
    I’m a truck driver and whenever I signal another driver to move over in front of me and they don’t say thank you or signal thank you to me I tell them “you’re welcome…” over the radio. I don’t let them get away with it.

  5. I Just want to be love for me or even exected, and consider equal thats why I have been ackting like that because thats the only way I thought people would respect me

  6. You should all probably stop being whining little girls. If you can’t handle someone farting in public, you’re not cut out for the world. Grow up a little.

  7. you know what gets on my nerves is when your done gym class and ur taking a drink at the water fountain and somebody goes beside you and says to his friend “why does it smell like asshole”. Gosh it just pisses me off!

  8. You forgot about when people or mostly guys (not me) scratch their privates or other areas in public, I personally think its nasty!!!!

  9. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with public displays of affection infront of childern. they shouldn’t be afraid of their sexuality and they should realize that love is ok and healthy. if you hide kissing and sex from children they’re going to grow up prude and afraid of themselves, ashamed for urges that are completely natural.
    and the farting in public thing is a matter of health. you ever try to hold one in? it hurts, and it’s not good for you.

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