Where Have All the Persuasive Men Gone?


Persuasion is an act of persuading someone to do or  to believe on something. It could be a set of beliefs or political  that could entice, seduce and influence others to change their ideas and behavior. It could be a persuasion of love that a man use to seduce a woman or vice versa.  Persuasion is a process to communicate with others and convince them of what we strongly believe in and try to change their mind and attitudes regarding certain matters.

Long ago, a man usually used any method of persuasion to entice a woman that he likes. He would write poems, letters and prose to persuade a maiden. Not to mention serenading a woman on the height of full moon. Men of ancient generations used this tool of communication to seduce the object of their affection. It became an iconic act  in order to get a woman to the altar and made a maiden spellbound.

Where have all these persuasive men gone? Unfortunately, these men were long time buried six feet below. Men of today, however,  use different methods of persuasion. Texting, emailing, twittering, Facebook and other social network are major tool to communicate with a woman whom a man would like to persuade. You Tube perhaps is the new way of serenading a woman and have her spellbound on the screen or monitor. Sometimes, if a man has a voice like Bruno Mars, a woman would kiss the monitor all the way to its edges and have her clean the monitor at the same time. There could be a lot of ways how persuasion works to a woman. Now that Valentine’s day is just two days shy, working on your persuasive method to sweep off a woman’s feet could really make your heart jump all the way to the moon.

i_love_to_persuade_tee_shirt-r9996854945ae472abfcb26ed160d3a92_8nhmp_512.jpg bg=0xffffffTo a man who’s thinking that Valentine’s day isn’t for him because no woman would like to hang out with him, think again. Every single woman would like to make a man smile. Just do your move. Make that first move. A girl  like it so much if a man approach her or asks her out. Any kind of man. It made her heart flutter like a butterfly and floating in the clouds. Whether a man is yellow, purple , black, white, brown and any other colors in the crayola world, it doesn’t matter. Women like it. Just do what traditional men do. They hunt. They asks a woman to hang out. Don’t cower in the corner and be a coward. That doesn’t work in a woman. Girls are friendly in general. If you keep on thinking that you’re single out alone on a Valentine’s Day, poor you. Don’t use that lame excuse, “I’m shy”. Well, women are shy too but they don’t buy that word. They go out. They hang out with their girlfriends and call it “All the Single Lady” night. They don’t stay in their room and watch soap operas or chick flicks;  and curse the world why they are still single. Women are great companion. They laugh, they sing and they dance in this circle of life. Isn’t that why God created a woman out of a man?

What are you waiting for? Persuasive men aren’t gone. You are one of them. You just need a push. Maybe, this post will boost your motivation to make a move. Yes, make a move. Who knows? It’s a Valentine’s Day.

And let’s see how my way of persuasion works.




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