Things to Remember to Ponder about Suffering

You are not alone.

Being alone doesn’t mean that you are alone. If you feel like you want to be alone because you just want to be left alone, I think there’s nothing wrong with that.

When you suffer with something, you may find comfort with what’s around you or it’s up to you if your want to ask for help. Asking help may depends on everybody.

However, if you look at it in different way, you always find comfort in your suffering. Friends, your family, your neighbors and your love ones are always there to help you. At times, if they know you are suffering from something, you don’t need to ask for their help because they just offer it to you. If one member suffers, all suffer together” , which means you are not alone in your suffering. When one mourns, everybody mourns.  These words of wisdom should give you comfort in your suffering.

Remember: “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger.”

The famous words from a German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” should make you more strong enough to combat struggles and conquer suffering.

Ponder this: Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

There are unexpected event in life that you’ve least expect. If you lose someone for example, the physical pain is unintentional. It is something inevitable that happens that is out of your control. You feel it and you go through it. However, you can choose suffering. It is your decision to make things worse or to find relief to a certain situation.

When life gives you lemon, don’t make a lemonade. Grab a beer and have a drink.

Unwind, chill, having time alone and distance yourself from all of the things that bombarded you is natural. The world doesn’t end or stop for your grief, so have a drink anyway.

Lay low but don’t hide.

Staying away from Facebook and other Social networks would help you ease the suffering a little bit. But don’t hide. Hiding from it make things worse.

Understand that it is attachment that introduce you to suffering.

Have a complete understanding about attachment. Attachment is the root to all kinds of suffering. One thing that would probably help you to understand attachment is to learn how to let go. If you are too attach to certain things, it is hard to let go. As human as we are, we are close to be called “sentimentalist”. Though we don’t like to label ourselves as one, but there are areas in our life that we are too attach with and afraid to let go.

Face it. Don’t get around it. Go through it.

The worse thing you can do is not confronting the issue of what you are going through. Oftentimes, we’d like to escape from the suffering not knowing that the longer it is within, the pain is much deeper. Evaluate the situation. Ask yourself why you are suffering. Make a list and be aware about it. Then, face it.

Leave no room for bitterness and resentment.

No matter what you’ve been through. Resentment and bitterness wouldn’t help you ease the pain of suffering. It is like you’re making a poison apple and eating the apple too. Remember that bitterness and resentment don’t help you in the long run. It won’t give you peace. It continually create havoc and chaos in your life.

Suffer uniquely. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to shout, shout. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to sing, sing. If you want to grieve, grieve. If you want to be left alone, be.

Don’t play the blame game.

Don’t blame anyone especially yourself. It won’t help you ease the suffering. It only builds up negative vibes around you. Blaming others about what you are going through only prolong your situation. Difficulty in relationship may be making you feel vulnerable and start blaming anyone. But think about it many times, blaming doesn’t help you in solving the matter.

Understand the heart of suffering.

Suffering exist in order to understand the root of the situation; and find ways to end the suffering. Poverty is one example of suffering. Thirst and hunger are the effect of poverty; and perhaps it exist, so that kindness and generosity in human’s heart may prevail. Same with when you are in hard times, you may not prevent suffering because you have to go through the situation in order to see the heart of suffering.

Forgive and heal

The best antidote to achieve peace is forgiveness. Once you found your heart to forgive, it is easy for you to understand the heart of your suffering. Eventually, wounds heal and scars heal. Can you ask for more?


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You won’t see it yet but always remember that there is light and with all the things you’ve been through, you’ll soon overcome.

Ponder this: 

This scripture reminds us something about our suffering. James doesn’t say if you face trials, but whenever you face them. He assumes that we will have trials and that is possible to profit from them. The point is not to pretend to be happy when we face pain, but to have a positive outlook (consider it pure joy) because of what trials can produce in our lives. James tells us to turn our hardships into times of learning. Tough times can teach us perseverance.

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