Heart is a lonely warrior

Love is a tricky game to play. Its mundane existence flows in the air of romance. It’s tricky game is too dangerous that one has to guard her or his heart in order to not fall into a bundle of heartache. It started with a safe hello text on her new Galaxy Note III cellphone. If any strange number asking on a date through text, the girl  would figure out that it is a bunch

Love is not a game of course but cupid must find a way to create a game. He has to find someone to amused him. If not, cupid will get bored. Finding someone to play the game must be cupid’s agenda. He’s searching and searching and the search continuous until he finds someone, the weak and the strong. Male and female. Man and woman or whatever transgender a person become. He called it “the hunter and the prey”. One thing cupid must have- the sharp bow. His target- the human heart.  When cupid targeted the human’s heart, cupid must know the heart of each player so he can simply crumbles their world.

Apparently, players didn’t know that their heart is the target. They simply know that they’re having fun. Cupid uses weapons of distraction of any kind. He knows how to woe his players. His cunning method is so tricky that one player, the hunter must get it in order to achieve the object of his affection. Ah, now here’s the hard part. Cupid must seasoned the game with another player. So not only one but two and three prey. These prey of course are not aware of the deceptive method Cupid uses. Cupid gets excited at once so he thought he could lure all prey to play the game. He lured any prey who’s willing to be his victim and how he must call it “Love of any angle”.

The hunter must do the hunting and the prey must wait for the hunter to hunt her. Once the prey hunts the hunter, the thrill isn’t exciting anymore. The hunter plays his ways, his method to make the prey swoon to his charm. Charming hunter must be in control and knows the limit of his existence. He charmed, he rules and he makes everything possible to win one or two of his prey. The hunter never demands but he shows how it is done. Demanding is not part of his character. It would ruin his plan.

But of all the players, there is a prey who is smart enough to figure out the game Cupid tempt her to play and just laugh at him. So Cupid would never again target a prey who has a hunter skills. Cupid has to focus on the weak prey. He likes them, they’re his easy target.  In the long run, the weak must play. They use all their resources to win. Once all the prey play the game and fall for the hunter, Cupid is jumping for joy. Now, they’re all under his hands and his bow are ready enough to be released. He’s just waiting for the right time. When the time has come that Cupid almost get bored of watching them playing “head games”, he’d release his bow and hit one heart who’ll win the game.





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