How do you keep a man in your life?

So much to say, so much to do.

But keeping a man is actually not your job. You see, if you ask how to keep a man and do something with him, that’s how you get into trouble. First and foremost, a man of your liking is always accompanied with troubles.

In the bible, if I may borrow Paul’s quote, “It’s better for a man not to marry…or woman”. Let’s stop there. Just the word better is enough to convince a woman not to trouble a man or vice versa. But of course, the call of the flesh needs to be address. So let’s dig dipper to the context on how you really keep a man.

As I stated above, you can’t really keep a man. If a man wants to keep you and you want to keep him, then you keep each other. If you love him and he loves you, that’s your answer right there. How do you know he loves you? Oh well, that’s another post or topic to write about.

If your goal in life is how to keep a man in your life, that is actually a very hard job to keep. It takes a toll out of you. Better be that the man will keep you than you keep him. When a man knows that you’re head over heels in love with him even though he doesn’t reciprocate the feeling, well… you’re on for a long heartbreak at the end. Not all men are nice. They will take advantage of your goodness and will not keep you at all. Unrequited love sucks. But hey, you have been warn.

Warning for all women out there though. Do not push yourself into a man. It doesn’t work that way. You may give many hints. Put some crumbs on the table. If he eat it and he likes it, he might come back for a little more. Show a little concern, express a little bit of care for him, but do not – I repeat, do not give away the whole farm. If you do this, either you loss or you win. It’s like gambling. But you gamble your heart. So be prepared. If you really want to give all, you may dance a happy dance or you may dance your heartache away.

A man in his capable nature needs to know that he is in control. He, by birth is a hunter. He hunts for his prey and if you are willing prey, easy to get on and easy to throw upon, well… let the universe declare your fate.

Just have fun. Live a little. Do not concentrate on keeping a man. He will come when he comes. If he likes you, he will keep you and you can keep him. Don’t force yourself on him. Use your natural self to attract him. If he comes to his senses and sees you like there’s no other woman in the world, keep him.