What goes around comes around

There is no secret formula about how life takes place. But there is certain rule in the universe that comes back and haunt you. It’s like a boomerang effect. What comes around goes around. How you treat people, it comes back to you a hundred folds. Is that so?

Should you believe this kind of saying?

Like what your reap is what you sow?

So, should you be nice then. What if you’re already super nice and people takes advantage of your niceness?

What do you say about that?

In life, you can’t guarantee anything. It is true that what you reap is what you sow. But should you keep this mantra all over and over again so it doesn’t come to you? It’s easy to say than keep it on your mind all the time. At times, when you are busy with stuff and lot of things going on, you really forget to remember this old adage.

At times, you’re just a mere individual who needs to do what he needs to do in her life. Life is an everyday struggle.