The 10 Types of Guy a Girl Should Avoid to Marry

1. The Looker

Try to avoid a guy to marry who defines physical beauty as more important than the rest. Not all guys are the same though, so you can pick and choose someone who appreciates your beauty inside and out. If he thought you are not beautiful, something wrong with his eyes or the way his mind process what is beautiful. God formed you as unique as you are.

2. The Broke

Man is supposed to be the breadwinner of the family. If he couldn’t control his finances and depend on you for some matters, try

Never marry a man who borrows your cell phone to call on someone. Once you will see your bill, you’re broke. (What I mean, he never asks your permission to call long-distance). Forgive him once, but if he will do it twice or more, the decision is yours.

3. Never marry a man who will try to change the way you are.  Who told you to cut your hair because you look like a nun. It’s too much pressure.
4. Never marry a man who smokes. The kissing part might be bad. Well, if you love him, let him chew gum.

5. Never marry a man who invited you to go to a bar but, he will leave you at the entrance and would say directly to you in front of many people, “you have money? You pay.”  If he will ask again, turn him down.

6. Never marry a man who will let you push his car. You know, run out of fuel thing. “Do you have 50 bucks? I’ll pay you later” Yes, it’s a disaster. And when you ask him to return your money, he has a lot of excuses. You should know the hint, that the man you’ve dated is not trustworthy.

7. Never marry a man who will make you look like a crook, who will get your nerves off the hook, who will let you wait for a day, and will ask apology at the end of the week. Turn him down and throw him in the creek.

8. Never marry a man who will try to control you, who will set a schedule for you and will tell you, “I don’t like that, postpone your appointment on Saturday and come with me”. What the heck? Don‘t be a remote control, which means he will control your life forever if you’re going to marry him.

9. Never marry a man who will label you as a sex object, an object who can fulfill his desire, it means that if he looks at you like that, he’s doing the same thing to some other girls and that’s going to be a big issue during your marriage. Before these things will happen, think of it a trillion times.

10. Especially, never marry a man who manipulates and controls you. You are not robots, you can be submissive but not all the time.

Girls, never settle for a man who hurt you over and over again. Don’t marry him for just a love reason, consider the other things. If the man loves you, he will treat you like a queen, he will give you his respects and he will make everything possible just for you to be satisfied and happy. Marry a man who knows you, who will accept you, not a man who wants something from you but couldn’t give in return. Never tolerate his behavior; you can compromise in some way, but not in the whole span of time. Don’t do all the bending, in a relationship-  two people will work it out.

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