72-Year-Old Graduate Celebrates Academic Achievement with 99-Year-Old Mother

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

In a heartwarming display of lifelong learning and family support, 72-year-old Sam Kaplan recently graduated from a college in Georgia. His biggest supporter, his 99-year-old mother, was present to witness this momentous occasion. Kaplan’s achievement shows that pursuing education and fulfilling dreams is never too late.

A Long Journey

Sam Kaplan’s academic journey is nothing short of extraordinary. The last time Kaplan attended classes was in the 1960s. Since then, he has led a full life with a career and family. However, the desire to complete his education never left him. Encouraged by his family, especially his mother, Kaplan enrolled in college and pursued his degree.

A Supportive Mother

Kaplan’s mother, Mrs. Eleanor Kaplan, has been an unwavering source of support for her son. Despite her age, she enthusiastically encouraged him to go back to school. Throughout Kaplan’s academic journey, his mother was there, cheering him on and providing wisdom and love.

On graduation day, Mrs. Kaplan, beaming with pride, watched her son walk across the stage to receive his diploma. Witnessing her son’s achievement at this stage of her life was a deeply emotional and joyous moment for her.

A Symbol of Perseverance and Dedication

Sam Kaplan’s achievement serves as an inspiration for all. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and the positive impact of a supportive family.

In his valedictory speech, Kaplan thanked his mother and family for their unwavering support. He emphasized the importance of lifelong learning and encouraged his fellow graduates to never stop chasing their dreams, regardless of age.

Encouraging Lifelong Learning

Kaplan’s story has resonated with many, and he has received an outpouring of congratulations and well-wishes from around the country. Educational institutions and organizations advocating for adult education have also recognized Kaplan’s achievement as an inspiration for encouraging lifelong learning among older adults.

A Day to Remember

The graduation ceremony was a day of joy, pride, and reflection for the Kaplan family. With his mother by his side, Sam Kaplan proved that age is just a number for achieving your dreams. His story serves as an inspiration and a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue education and personal growth​1​.

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