Hello, Beautiful people! Welcome.

I am jumping up and down with excitement for taking time to browse and visiting my blog.

Drum Roll…


It is such a thrill that you finally find me here in my comfortable outlet where I can share anything about something under the sun. Thank you so much for taking time to stop by and browsing with interest on what you might find. Up and awesome started with just a flicker of wisdom and the knowledge of knowing that wisdom comes from up above. It is with the passion of words blend with the likes of writing that I am able to let the little me come out a little bit and just share thoughts and encouraging words from what I learned and about to learn.

Blogging is sharing, and it’s one way to communicate what’s on your mind and heart whenever you can’t express it personally.

Welcome to UpandAwesome blog.   It’s  a scintillating, crazy creative – sensationalist blog which could stimulates your hippocampus or any part of your brain. There’s a new study published by brain experts that memory could be anywhere in your brain not just in the back of it. So whatever they found out, I have no clue where it come from. I’m  just grateful that words are there to stimulate the mind. This blog is about words, passion of words, writings, what is up and what is awesome. Collection of what I learned from the past, the how to, self-love, the love of God, relationship, photography, creativity and the likes.  Basically it’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that. A little bit of something and a little bit of just ordinary.  Sort of everything in between but not everything about everything. It is where small things begin because big things starts from small beginnings.

Who am I?

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