What to do when you don’t know about what’s going on?

Take a deep breath.






Release the tension.

Release the power. Lossen up.

Breathe again.

Shake it up. Mind your own well-being. Be aware of your breathing. Can you hear your heart? Your voice? Your inner self telling you what to do? Or not to do?

Are you feeling it?

Not yet.

Just go about it. Take care of your breathing. The moment you surrender to the power of nothingness – like you have no power of the unknown, you surrender to the power of nothingness. Being in nothing is like a limbo of lost dreams. To lose the awareness of yourself and to others is to loss what’s so valuable to you. Life is a constant circle of what you can control. Control your senses. Control your life. People will come to your life and just create havoc in your peace of mind. Nobody wants to give you peace. The world needs you to be chaotic. That’s his job, to get you riled up to the things you can’t control?

Have you ever tried to take a deep breath and still feel nothing? It doesn’t work, does it?

Of course, because you are being controlled by circumstances. Do you want to find out how to get that control?

Stay tuned.

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